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Heating up water..48 viewsSomething you do a lot of when brewing! Here I am heating up the water that the grain will be added to, in order to convert the grain into fermentable sugars and give the yeast something to eat.. this is in a 40qt Winco aluminum pot on my stove (canning element), along with a heat stick
The grains31 viewsHere is all of the grains, crushed by my buddy Steve. We got in on a group buy on and got some cheap grains! You don't get beer without grains!
Mash Tun34 viewsThe Mash Tun is where you combine the grains and hot water in order to extract the sugars out of the grains. Built from parts from home depot and instructions from
Fresh whole leaf hops40 viewsHops are the flower that gives beer its bitterness and aroma, depending on when you add them when boiling. Again another score from a group purchase between a few buddies at work
Water filter40 viewsI temporarily hook up a 1 micron house water filter to my faucet and that's what I use to brew
Mash tun preheated!42 viewsThe little braid at the bottom is so that only liquid comes out of the valve on the front.. and not a whole bunch of grain and crap
Grain goes into the mash tun39 viewsmix it up good...
my brewing space42 views
Wort about to boil..33 viewsalmost there....
The grains after drained35 viewsAfter I drain the first time, I add another prescribed amount of water and drain again until I reach the prescribed pre-boil volume
Wort ready to boil41 viewsWort ready to boil - this is about 7 gallons in the pot, it will be about 5 gallons when done boiling.
Boil is over, time to chill34 viewsYou want to chill the wort down to 60-70ish as quick as possible after boiling. I have an immersion chiller which circulates cold water from the tap through these lines, into a copper coil inserted in the pot. Beats the hell out of tubs of ice!! Once it's down to 65ish, I siphon over to the brew bucket, add yeast, and fermentation begins!
Boiling the wort50 viewsThe recipe determines how long you boil for, what kind of hops you add, and when. Generally when you add hops early in the boil, they make the beer bitter. Later in the boil, gives the beer that flowery, hoppy smell. I use a hop bag, so there's not a lot of crap in the pot when I go to siphon later on.
Better shot of the immersion chiller and hop bag52 views
10 gallon aluminum winco pot47 views
Taking the first runnings46 viewsDraining the mash tun gives a sweet liquid as it is full of sugars.. this liquid is called wort, synonymous for unfermented beer
Hops64 viewsMeasure out the hops that I will need later
Mash tun after an hour39 views
Pre-heating the mash tun48 viewsI add hot water to pre-heat the Igloo so that when I am mashing, it does not lose its heat. It's important to try and keep the grain at a specific temperature.
Grain goes into the mash tun35 viewsAdding the grain to the mash tun, which has the hot water
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