Apr 11 2011

What do I do with all of…. these sun dried tomatoes?

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I buy and cook in bulk, so often, I am left with ridiculous quantities of ingredients.  This is the first of many posts in which I figure out what to do with some of this stuff.

First on my list, Sun Dried Tomatoes. Lee and I split a 5 pound bag of these for about 13 bucks at the restaurant supply.  (edit: you can find them cheaper at one of my favorite spots, the Asian Market – H-mart on 70)

Sun Dried Tomatoes in the processor

Because of some work on other recipes I also had too much Basil and Italian Parsley, which go great with the tomatoes.  I don’t know what to call this, but it’s good. Into the food processor goes

  • Sun Dried tomatoes (about a handful)
  • Garlic (heaping spoon of minced….  never enough garlic in my house, but don’t let it overpower the herbs)
  • Basil (fresh of course)
  • Italian Parsley (…. yep still using fresh stuff)
  • Parmesan (just a dusting)
  • Olive oil (depends on the consistency you want)

Bunch of fresh, tasty things all combined

Pulse it a bunch of times… now you have a nice, fresh tasting, chunky spread.  Use it on some toasted up crunchy bread, crackers, or hell, even on top of pasta.  I suppose you could leave the processor going and make some puree.  I took out some of my trusty low-calorie cocopop things and spread it on there for a fugazi bruschetta.

The result, a fresh tasting spread and low calorie snack


The credit for the next thing to do with these things goes to Lee.  Put the tomatoes in a pint mason jar, along with some italian seasoning and garlic, and top off with olive oil.  Put it in the cabinet and forget about it for a few weeks.  Come back, and you have some tasty tomatoes, as well as sundried tomato infused olive oil that is great for cooking.  Slice up the tomatoes and cover pasta, or even use these in some……. wait, nevermind, that’s for another blog post 🙂

Goodness in a Jar.