Jul 31 2015

Chargriller Akorn Kamado Cooker mods

Posted by Seth in BBQ

Thanks to all of the folks at BBQ Brethren and The Virtual Weber Bulletin board for the advice.

I got a great Target Clearance deal on this cooker — $89 out the door, down from $350.  Could not pass it up.

I seasoned it and tested it out with some pizza, and was super impressed. Before I went down the low and slow journey with it, many folks suggested to seal up any possible leaks.   Since I planned on using my new Rotodamper 3 on this grill, it only made sense to heed such advice.


Here are the pics of the install.

Gasket Material   (~$14 shipped)

For the top half, clean the rim very well with some adhesive remover (or alcohol) and apply the gasket.


Chargriller Akorn Gasket

For the ash pan, take it off the grill and use the same technique.


Chargriller Akorn Gasket

For the vent on the ash pan, remove the 3 screws.  Cut the gasket to fit and apply. Then, replace the metal vent piece.




Rotodamper 3 mounted and ready to go 🙂



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