Jul 17 2015

Campfire / Open Fire Rotisserie Setup

Posted by Seth in BBQ

(Inspiration from this thread, and BBQ Brethren member Larred)

Ever since I built a UDS (and scored a CG Akorn for $89 🙂 ) , my poor CG Smokin’ Pro gets little to no use.  The only real cooking it sees is for the rotisserie setup, which is the stock CG rotisserie kit.

After seeing the thread linked above on BBQ Brethren, I realized I could easily adapt my existing rotisserie gear to any fire,with very little effort.  I went ahead and purchased an extra mount kit, took out my crappy Harbor Freight welder, and got to work.

The pieces are simple — I put it all together by walking around Lowes and fitting things together.

1) Rebar, to drive into the ground and hold the rods that the brackets attach to

2) Rods, the bracket attach to these.  I used some leftover electrical conduit that I laying around. I drilled holes every inch or so, for height adjustment. Used some pins I had laying around for height.

3) Steel bushings, from Lowe’s. You’ll find these in the area that has all of the screws, nuts, bolts, etc..

4) Rotisserie spit rod bushing (as the rods will not always be the same distance apart, I have to be able to adjust. The stock one on my spit doesn’t move any more because it’s old.


(note, this welder sucks, and I’m not the greatest welder, so, the welds are not pretty. I know. I don’t care).

Pretty simple after that — I just welded the bushings on to the brackets, drilled some holes in the rods for height adjustment, and voila.   Make sure you aren’t stupid like me, and you weld the bushings off to the side of the brackets. If you weld them down the middle, then the rotisserie spit rod will hit the support rod.

Pretty simple set up — you should be able to duplicate easily. Thanks for visiting!


20150717_131624 20150717_131613 20150701_191436 20150701_191111 20150701_191102


We took a whole New York Strip loin, trussed it up, and stuck it on the rotisserie.  Amazing!! We did it twice.. the pics are from the first time.  The second one, we put the fire closer to the steaks — that fat layer completely rendered out.

20150619_213256 20150620_184429 20150717_154902 20150717_131613