Apr 07 2011

Flash Trigger & Battery Packs … minor update

Posted by Seth in Drag Racing, Photography

I had a chance to hit the track finally and test out the new Phottix 4-in-1 flash triggers that I told you about a few weeks ago.  I set up my flashes where I usually do and pointed them down the wall so that I could do a range test.

Full sync from over 1/8th mile away? I'll take it.

The above picture was taken from the 1/8th mile blocks, and that flash is 10 feet behind the starting line.  That’s 670 feet folks!!  Not bad for 100 meter advertised range. I didn’t feel like walking any farther nor do I have a lens long enough to make use of that range, so I stopped there.. who knows what the actual range is.

I also did plenty of running around and had no problems with the flash on the hotshoe on top of the transmitter.. everything nice and secure, and NO sync cords any more ! Lovin it.

Battery packs, suspended from the light stands

Just a minor change to the battery packs that I have been meaning to do for a bit – I put a small hole in the case so I could attach a tether and hang them from the light stand. Helps with stability, it was a real windy day and I’ve had flashes knocked over in the wind before, not this time!  Also, no need to bend over and pick up (and hold) the packs when I have to move them, I just grab the light stand and go.