Mar 25 2011

Eating good does not have to suck

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I’m on a diet.  Diets suck, especially for fat dudes like myself that like to cook, and eat.  I’m counting calories, so the frozen dinners at the grocery store are quick and easy for me and usually come in around 2 bucks. It’s not gourmet, but some of the stuff is bearable with a little Tabasco (which I happen to have a bunch of).

Diet’s don’t have to suck entirely, though.

  • Your tastebuds don’t have to suffer
  • Your wallet doesn’t have to suffer
  • Your diet doesn’t have to suffer

If you are a foodie and on a diet, it’s win win, you just need to make a major adjustment to portion size like I have.

Make your own frozen dinners

Anyways, on to the topic. The above pic shows the fruits of about 90 minutes of work, all with stuff in my fridge or in my cabinets.  If you want to rob a chinese restaurant for containers, go ahead, but I hit the restaurant supply for a case of microwaveable containers at around 19 cents a pop.  I’m not going to give specific recipes in the post, my point is more to motivate you to think and plan, and say to hell with the frozen dinners at the grocery store – make your own – your wallet and your mouth will thank you.

By the way, all come in at less than $1 per meal, and less than 300 calories. 19 meals. word.

Whole grain pasta, veggies, homemade sauce

I cooked up 2 pounds of Pasta that made 15 portions.  While I had the oven going for the chicken thighs below, I threw in some sliced up squashes, garlic, and a little olive oil into a foil pouch and put into the oven for 30 minutes. Topped with homemade San Marzano tomato sauce.

Whole grain pasta, homemade sauce, sauteed spinach

With the rest of the pasta, I also hit it with the San Marzano sauce.  For veggies, I found some chopped spinach in the freezer, sauteed that quick with some garlic and voila. Don’t mind the presentation, this crap is goin in the freezer and I’ll stir it when I reheat it anyway.

Chicken thighs, over basmati rice

I had some Mahogany Chicken in the fridge, cooked that up, served over Basmati rice, and put a little bit of no-fat honey mustard dressing on top.

I have to get rid of some tortillas and onions I had laying around, so I sauteed up the onions and some of my canned jalapeno slices in some Fajita seasoning. I’ll be using them as filling for quesadillas.

Ok, now get off your butt, and go cook.


4 Responses to “Eating good does not have to suck”

  1. JT Says:

    Mazel love! Come cook for me; we cam swap recipes bc I am all about the corner cutting.
    Ps- Tabasco raises your metabolism; win.

  2. Rosario Says:

    Awesome! That’s great that you are becoming so proactive about your health. It’s cool that you make your own fresh food versus buying convenience at the frozen aisle.

    I’ve been down that road already and I am very into healthy eating. If you need any recipe ideas, let me know!

  3. iceman Says:

    Thanks Ro, I still do have a pile of frozen dinners in the freezer that I bought – I’ll slowly get through them and eat em up and replace with my own stuff instead. Hard to make time but I am getting better at it.

  4. Rosario Says:

    I know what you mean about time! For the last four years I had been eating out almost every day for dinner and bringing frozen meals to work for lunch. Then, this year I have actually started cooking and it hasn’t been that hard. I can make a lentil soup that will last me about 5 meals. I feel healthier, happier, and more accomplished as a mother (cause before I had a bad guilt trip about not giving my son the real homecooked meal experience).

    I thought I was saving time by eating out but it was the opposite. I am saving more time by eating in.


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